I've switched systems

It's been a long time since I have posted anything with my photography. It's not that I stopped shooting, but I grabbed my Canon camera much less.

Every day I looked at my camera and think, "I don't want to haul that thing around all day!" I left the camera forgotten in the corner and just grabbed used my iPhone.   There would even be times when my loving wife would ask me if I was going to bring my camera, my response always being, "I don't want to deal with that thing."

What was happening?  It's not that I stopped thinking about photography. Every day I think about and see photos. So why did I not want to carry my camera?

Then one day, sitting at my desk I started looking at all the stuff on my shelves, and saw my first SLR, the Minolta XG 1. It was my father's camera and the camera I learned to shoot with. I started thinking about that camera, my love for shooting when I was learning, and how far things had come in the last twenty years. I picked it up, popped off the lens cap, put it up to to my eye and popped off a few shots... sort of. I had no film.

Then it hit me.

I grabbed my current camera, the Canon 5d MK II, and held it in my other hand.  It was heavy! For the next fifteen minutes I walked around the house with both cameras, taking photos with the Canon and pretending to take photos with the Minolta.  (It's a good thing my wife wasn't home, I probably looked nuts). I could feel my joy for photography coming back... every time I grabbed that Minolta XG 1!

It's time to switch things up.

No, I am not going back to shooting film. I no longer have any of the darkroom equipment, nor is that my interest.  I want something that is lighter, smaller, and feels like that first camera I shot with.

Enter the Fuji XT-1. First, I did an insane amount of research online. Then, I stopped by several stores, holding cameras from different companies, and experiencing how they fit in my hands. Finally, I found the one that matched my needs and wants, the Fuji XT-1.

 Left: Minolta XG 1, Center: Canon 5d MK II, Right: Fuji XT-1

Left: Minolta XG 1, Center: Canon 5d MK II, Right: Fuji XT-1