Photo Edit Friday - Actions

Ok, so it seems that Photo Edit Friday seems to work best on Saturday lately. The Program - Adobe Photoshop (Version I currently use is Photoshop CS6) The Objective - Saving time with custom Actions.

Often times I find myself doing repeat motions in photoshop.  I typically do this when it comes to saving for specific use, on a blog, in a presentation, etc.  This usually includes changing the resolution, adjusting the size, changing the color space, saving as a copy, closing the window, and doing that all over again.  I found myself having to do this recently for a client who needed some low resolutions images for a powerpoint presentation.  Instead of doing all of the changes manually, I created an action on the first image so that I could save myself button clicks and time.

Here are the basic steps I used.

First I created a new action Folder and a New Action, giving each a name as I created them.

[pictureframe image="" align="center" lightbox="false" title="Actions Window" link="" width="287" height="231"]

Next I hit record on the Action panel, to begin recording the steps I was taking to create the Action.  In this case, changing to DPI to 72, changing the color space to sRGB, saving as a copy (you can use Actions to save to a specific folder), and telling Photoshop to close the window when it was finished.   I saved as a copy so it did not overwrite my original psd file.  Once finished.  I hit the stop button.

[pictureframe image="" align="center" lightbox="false" title="" link="" width="286" height="231"]

Once everything was done, I opened up the next 30 or so images, and for each one, hit the play button.

[pictureframe image="" align="center" lightbox="false" title="" link="" width="287" height="232"]

If you like using hotkeys to move around the program faster, you can assign a hotkey when you create the action.

So, when you find yourself doing the same thing over and over... and over again in Photoshop, it might be time to create an action to speed things up.