Photo Edit Friday - On Saturday - Camera Profiles

The Program - Lightroom 4The Objective - Using Camera Profiles

Shooting in RAW can be deceptive when you view the images on the back of your LCD.  Your LCD shows a jpg conversion of the RAW image.  When you view an image on your camera's LCD, your camera is making some general edits to the image; it increases saturation, contrast, and a few other things.  When you bring your images into your RAW editor, it can sometimes be a disappointment as RAW does not initially show those adjustments.  (side note: you can adjust the LCD preview options in you camera's menu for different effects)

So what can you do, to bring back what you saw on that LCD?   In Adobe Lightroom's Develop Module, you can adjust your Camera Calibration.  Inside that panel you can adjust the profile for different effects.  They each add or take away depending on the profile selected.  If you want to get that look that you saw on your LCD, change these profiles before doing any other editing.

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