Photo Story - When Models Don't Show

What happens when you have 3 photographers and lots of lights?  Find a model and start shooting. But, what happens when none of the hired models show up for a day of shooting?  Well, you can either call it a day and pack everything up, or you can make the best of the situation.  This is exactly what my friend Chris, Jason,  and I had to do a few months ago.

We had 2 models lined up for the day of shooting, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. Chris and Jason showed up around 6:30am. We started getting everything set up when I received a text... "Sorry can't make it."  Well, there goes the afternoon shoot, the second model just canceled.   No big deal, the other model should be arriving any minute now, and we can get started.

30 minutes go by. An hour. An hour and a half. 2 hours.

Still no morning model.  I try calling, texting, emailing, no response.

So, I turn to Chris, and say, well... I'll model for you if you model for me.

Chris was up for it.  And luckily, he brought with him some props that we could use for ourselves. Jason volunteered to be our Voice Activated Light Stand (always a great resource). It was a fun day of shooting; one of us took the morning model shift, and one of us the afternoon.

Here are of few of the shots.

Chris in the field

Burning Barn 2 weeks after the shoot I received an email from the morning model. "Sorry I couldn't make it, something came up."    2 weeks...